Handing over the keys for Airbnb and short-term rentals

Secure and comfortable handover of the keys to your apartments.

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The key to saving your time and costs

The keys will be waiting for your guests in our self-service boxes. Don’t waste time waiting for your guests and give them the freedom to choose when to collect their keys.

Self-service box network

We have a network of several drop-off points in Prague and one in Brno. Reserve your box and hand over your keys today. Quickly. Flexible. Securely.

Your secure safe

Our boxes are secure in every respect. They report any tampering. They can tell if there’s anything inside. All users get their own unique code.

Secure contactless solution

In challenging times like today’s, thanks to Covid-19, handing over keys via Keyguru points is a secure option without the need for personal contact.

How does key transfer with Keyguru work?

No paperwork. Quick registration and booking via the internet.

  • Register for free at https://app.keyguru.cz/.
  • Select the most suitable location from the Keyguru points map and reserve a free slot.
  • Put your keys in the box and you’re all set.
  • Now you can plan the handover of the keys to your guests. Just enter the date and their email address. We’ll take care of the rest.
  • Send us an inquiry for renting your own box. You can find out more about renting whole boxes including a price list on the Keyguru boxes page.
  • We will install a self-service box directly in your establishment. We will customize it to your needs. We will connect it to your system. We will train your employees.
  • Done! You can start handing over keys to your clients or co-workers.
  • Store your keys in the box and schedule the handover. Just enter the date and email address of the key recipient. We’ll take care of the rest.
  • Your guest will receive an email with instructions and an access code to open the key box.
  • Follow the map and detailed description in the email to reach the box where the keys are stored.
  • After entering the access code, the box will open.
  • The keys are in the right hands! We will inform you electronically every time the box is opened and the keys are handed over.
  • If the guest returns the keys to the locker upon departure, the same procedure will be followed as when collecting them.

Why trust Keyguru with your keys?

We save you time and money

We know that time is money. And in business, that’s doubly true. Time that would be wasted on handing over the keys to you or your employees can be used for more important activities. Our box can help you cut down on payroll costs, cover vacation time, or cover the off-season.


Your keys are safer in our box than in your pocket. The boxes are highly secured and you have a constant overview of what’s going on inside. Online notifications alert you to every opening and tampering. You generate a one-time code for each user.


We were the first in the Czech Republic. We have handed over tens of thousands of keys. We are constantly improving our technology. You can rely on our services and let your key worries go. Once and for all. Even after working hours.


Are you a hotel? Do you rent an apartment or perhaps a cottage? In any segment, we will be happy to design a tailor-made solution for you. If you decide to rent the whole box, we will dress it in your corporate colors, add your logo and change the texts.


We help you with process automation. We connect the box to your system via API. Not sure what we’re talking about? Never mind. We’ll explain everything and train your employees. It’s important for you to know that everything runs automatically. You just put the keys in the box and choose to whom and when to hand them over.


We are a Czech company, but our system also speaks English. We can adapt emails into Czech, English, French, German or Polish. We are happy to customize everything to your needs and add your company terminology.

Keyguru points are here for you

Due to the current state of tourism due to Covid-19, we have put the expansion of the Keyguru Point network on hold for the time being. Even so, the already launched boxes are available to you. For more info on the currently available Keyguru points, please contact us. We also offer locations with nonstop opening hours. So you can sleep well at night, because the key handover will be taken care of at this time as well.

15 000+

clients picked up their keys

550 000

minutes saved for our clients


self-service boxes

Price list for renting a locker in Keyguru Point

Rent for 1 day

90 CZK

  • 1 day to use the box
  • nonstop helpdesk

The cheapest single handover option

Rent for 5 days

160 CZK

  • 5 days to use the box
  • unlimited key collection and return
  • nonstop helpdesk

Simple one-stop solution

Rent by the month

690 CZK / month

  • 30 days to use the box
  • unlimited key collection and return
  • nonstop helpdesk

The best choice if you want to try the service properly

Rent for 3 months

580 CZK / month

(1 740 CZK total payment incl. VAT)

  • 90 days to use the box
  • unlimited key collection and return
  • nonstop helpdesk

Ideal to cover the season

Rent for a year

470 CZK / month

(5 640 CZK total payment incl. VAT)

  • 365 days to use the box
  • unlimited key collection and return
  • nonstop helpdesk

The most convenient option for regular key handover

What do the most knowledgeable people say about Keyguru?

Previously, we used personal handovers via temporary workers who were paid by the hour. With the use of Keyguru, our expenses have been significantly reduced. We have an online form where guests fill in all the details for the foreign police and it also serves as a house book. The complete self-check-in has saved us manpower.

I value my free time a lot. The biggest plus I see is the time savings. It also pays me to work instead of waiting for clients. My time is more valuable than investing in Keyguru. So it’s financially beneficial for me.

We have definitely recognized the time and financial savings. That was actually the most time and money consuming, the personal check-in. If someone is late, you wait there for x hours and it’s annoying.