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Simpleto is a platform that helps short-term rental managers keep their apartments clean. With Simpleto, you can stop worrying about cleaning, laundry and supplies. Flexible, online and, most importantly, simple.

ČSOB Start It

In 2019, we participated in the Start It acceleration programme from ČSOB. It supports projects with innovative solutions when they are launched on the market. Keyguru key drop boxes can be found at selected ČSOB ATMs with 24-hour opening hours.

Pytloun Hotels

Czech hotel chain Pytloun Hotels offers luxury accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels. Thanks to the location of Keyguru boxes, Pytloun Hotels provide customers with fully contactless check-in while saving significantly on labour costs.


Czech technology start-up develops and produces smart sensors. They are suitable for protecting property and people. Thanks to smart sensors, you know exactly what is happening in the Keyguru box. You get an alert when someone opens the box or tries to force their way in.

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