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The story of Keyguru or how it all began

Keyguru was founded by Ondřej and Eva Andrle in 2018. The basic idea was and is to allow owners of small guesthouses or apartments, who often take care of their business primarily by themselves, to start enjoying more free time. These people have embarked on the challenging and tough business of accommodation. Often, instead of enjoying the pleasures with their loved ones, they wait for the arrival of new guests or the departure of existing ones. And this is exactly what we at Keyguru have decided to make unattended and maximally adapted to the needs of both the owners of small guesthouses or apartments and the guests.

Who is Keyguru here for

You know it yourself. You have a long road ahead of you, on which anything can happen. From traffic jams in cities, to clogged highways, to more frequent breaks due to the needs of (not only) children. Arriving at your destination is very difficult to estimate. Few things cause people on holiday as much stress as knowing they will arrive outside check-in hours and not knowing if they will be accommodated later.

Conversely, the owner of a small guesthouse needs to be flexible and accommodate their guests if they want good reviews (and that’s what hospitality marketing is all about). And so he can often wait for long hours for the arrival of “latecomers” instead of, for example, going on a trip with his or her own family.

With Keyguru products, these scenarios are already a thing of the past. Guests can arrive when they want without the owners having to wait for them with room keys.

Even the big guys can benefit from unattended solutions

However, the benefits of unattended key handover or even unattended check-in and check-out are not limited to small establishments. Even large hotels or apartment buildings have front desk staff who can do a far more interesting and rewarding job than handing out room keys or cards. Perhaps chatting with guests, helping them find the day’s agenda according to the current weather or preparing a great breakfast.

A small, big startup

Of course, as our scope grows in terms of products and countries served, so must our team. We’ve grown from an initial team of a few to 15 people by mid-2021. You can meet some of them on our Team page.

What’s next?

The needs of hoteliers are the same all over the world, as the first installations in our closest neighbours have already shown us. For example, in Poland. So our ambitions are not just local. Our vision is to save the valuable time of owners and employees of accommodation establishments all over Europe.

  • 2021

    We are in Poland!

    In spite of the global pandemic, we have been able to develop new business cases and find new customers outside our home country. Our first international clients are apartments and hotels in our Polish neighbours.

  • 2020

    Covid-19 is changing the game

    In 2020, the Covid-19 disease emerged around the world, paralysing global tourism. Airbnb ceased to exist for a time, there was no one to host. That’s when the idea was born to expand Keyguru’s customer base to include hotels, apartments, guesthouses and similar accommodations.


  • 2019

    Installing the first Keyguru points

    Keyguru points are sets of Keyguru boxes placed in public places. Airbnb apartment guests can collect their keys from these without having to meet the owner.

  • 2018

    The origin of Keyguru

    The company was founded in 2018, when our development team started working on the first version of Keyguru boxes. These were originally intended to be used for handing over keys to apartments offered within Airbnb.