Everything you need for an unattended nonstop reception

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Every modern unmanned reception cannot do without Keyguru products. By connecting to a wide range of hotel booking systems (PMS) and check-in applications, you can offer guests a completely automated process. From online booking, through unattended check-in to unattended (and contactless) room key or card collection. Offer your guests a fast, unattended and contactless service option. You can then use your staff for more important, value-added work.

Keyguru boxes

The Keyguru box will take care of handing over keys or cards to guests nonstop without the need for a receptionist. Thanks to the connection to the check-in app, guests can conveniently fill out the necessary documents online before they arrive at the hotel.


Guests must be able to enter the building before collecting their keys from the self-service box at reception. Do not leave the hotel open all night. We have a reliable doorman for you – GateKeeper. He will only open the door to someone with an access code.


We are constantly expanding the number of integrated PMS or check-in applications. It doesn’t matter what hotel system you use. You can seamlessly connect it to Keyguru boxes and simplify their operation.


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