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  1. The master code (owner code) is used by the mailbox owner and should not be accessed by anyone else.
  2. The secondary code (co-worker code) is used for colleagues or maintenance (e.g. cleaning service). The main and secondary code can be used repeatedly and for long periods of time.
  3. The client code is created anew for each client. The code is unique and is generated based on the creation of a time-limited access. The client will only gain access to the mailbox at designated times.

For the current range of sizes, materials and designs please visit the Keyguru boxes page.

The keys to the box can be returned by the client or by a co-worker (e.g. a cleaner) who has the access code to the box. The code used will tell you who specifically returned the key to the box. If a client is to return the key, you can check the option to notify them by email before returning it when creating a new access.

The dimensions of the box are 6 cm wide, 8 cm long and 8 cm deep. It can hold, for example, 4 bundles of keys, or a small technical licence (on an angle) and car keys. You can use it for anything else you need.

If you are interested in renting a Keyguru box, please contact us at info@keyguru.cz and we will be happy to make you a quote. For contact details of a specific sales representative, please visit the Contact page.

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