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Unattended handover of room keys or cards. Easily and at any time

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Self-service reception with low operating costs

Provide your guests with nonstop contactless check-in at a fraction of the cost of receptionist salaries.

Fully self-service operation

  • Possibility of connection to hotel systems
  • Contactless pick-up and return of keys and cards
  • Easy to use

Maximum security

  • Each guest has a unique, time-limited code
  • Housekeeping and other services have a service code
  • Codes can be reset remotely at any time

Fraction of the cost compared to the receptionist

  • Low one-time fee
  • Minimum operating costs


Do you want to replace the reception completely, or use the boxes to cover only the night traffic?

  • Thanks to the connection to the hotel system, you can offer guests immediate arrival. Guests book a room at any time, check-in, pay for their accommodation and then a box code is generated (via the hotel system).
  • Example: at 2am, a guest makes a reservation through He goes straight through check-in and pays. Then he can go to the hotel room right away.
  • The receptionist doesn’t need to be at the front desk at all. He or she can take on a new role (serving guests in the restaurant/bar, taking care of guests as a Concierge, etc.).
  • Each of your rooms has its own compartment in the Keyguru box (number of rooms = number of compartments).
  • The receptionist is at the front desk for a limited part of the day. This can be from 8am – 4pm, mid-morning (for check-outs) or from 8am – 10pm. It depends on you.
  • The receptionist thus covers 50-70% of the daily arrivals, the rest is handled through the Keyguru box (replacement of the night reception).
  • You don’t need as big box as for a fully self-service reception. The number of compartments corresponds to the number of check-ins you normally handle outside of scheduled reception hours.
  • Example: for a hotel with thirty rooms, a box with nine compartments should be sufficient.


We save you time and money

We know that time is money. And in business, that’s doubly true. Time that would be wasted on handing over the keys to you or your employees can be used for more important activities. Our box can help you cut down on payroll costs, cover vacation time, or cover the off-season.

We take care of safety

Your keys are safer in our box than in your pocket. The boxes are highly secured and you have a constant overview of what’s going on inside. Online notifications alert you to every opening and tampering. You generate a one-time code for each user.

We‘re pros. We’re gurus

We were the first in the Czech Republic. We have handed over tens of thousands of keys. We are constantly improving our technology. You can rely on our services and let your key worries go. Once and for all. Even after working hours.

We offer tailor-made solutions

Are you a hotel? Do you rent an apartment or perhaps a cottage? In any segment, we will be happy to design a tailor-made solution for you. If you decide to rent the whole box, we will dress it in your corporate colors, add your logo and change the texts.

We are tech enthusiasts

We help you with process automation. We connect the box to your system via API. Not sure what we’re talking about? Never mind. We’ll explain everything and train your employees. It’s important for you to know that everything runs automatically. You just put the keys in the box and choose to whom and when to hand them over.

We speak your language

We are a Czech company, but our system also speaks English. We can adapt emails into Czech, English, French, German or Polish. We are happy to customize everything to your needs and add your company terminology.


  • Inner compartment size 6 x 8.5 x 8 cm (W x H x D)
  • Touch screen display
  • Internet connection via Wi-Fi module
  • The box is powered by electricity (230 V)
  • Backup power supply covers power failure for up to 2 hours
  • The box is designed for indoor use
  • Modular system – by connecting multiple boxes, the desired number of compartments can be obtained


Light wood

Dark wood

Colour spraying according to your requirements
(additional option)

  • Mini Box, 5 compartments, light wood

Boxes are supplied with metal compartments.

We are happy to add a sticker with your logo or in your company colors.


The service includes delivery of boxes with custom software. Payments are made on a monthly basis. The price of the service includes:

  • Box’s software update
  • Box functionality monitoring
  • Technical support
  • Helpdesk for you and your guests

All prices exclude VAT.

Mini box

5 compartments

60 EUR per month

Middle box

9 compartments

90 EUR per month

Standard box

14 compartments

120 EUR per month

Modular box 19

19 compartments

150 EUR per month

Modular box 24

24 compartments

176 EUR per month

Modular box 29

29 compartments

196 EUR per month

Boxes can be purchased for your ownership. If you are interested, please contact us.

One-time license fee350 EUR
Installation of box by our technician74 EUR
+ 0,31 EUR/km from Prague, free of charge in Prague
Self-installation of the box according to the manual65 EUR
Installation of gatekeeper by our technician119 EUR

Do you need a different number of compartments for your self-service reception?

The boxes can be combined with each other up to approx. 200 compartments. We can tailor a solution to your needs.

Clients already helped by Keyguru boxes

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Want to know more?

If you are interested in Keyguru boxes, please contact us for a no-obligation quotation.