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Chci vědět víc


Previo is a Czech hotel system (PMS – property management system) developed by Previo s.r.o. It is one of the most widely used hotel systems in the Czech Republic with more than three thousand clients. It works as an online cloud solution, so it can be managed from anywhere you have an internet connection.

It offers features such as an interactive booking canvas – a single place where you can clearly view all your accommodation bookings. Thanks to minute-by-minute traffic records, you can also manage tables in restaurants, sports venues or wellness facilities via Previo.

Another interesting feature is the management dashboard, thanks to which you can easily view all the important indicators related to the operation of your hotel on one screen – i.e. revenue, RevPar, ADR, etc.

Of course, it is easy to implement the legal obligations of the accommodation provider, i.e. reporting foreigners to the foreign police, sending regular reports to the Czech Statistical Office, etc.

The Previo hotel system is integrated with our Keyguru boxes into a user-friendly contactless and self-service reception.