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MyRaw Café

Address: Gourmet Pasáž, Dlouhá 39,  11000 Praha

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Would you like to try something different? Then go to visit MyRaw Café.

At the moment, the café offers a varied menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer a daily menu or menu selection that is supplemented with salty appetizers such as nuts, dips, and chopsticks. You will be simply amazed by raw vegan desserts and the best-roasted coffee.  Also, smoothie lovers will satisfy their taste, especially with smoothie, which is prepared from young coconuts.

You can delight the moment with an authentic organic wine from the Czech owners of well-proven winemakers as well as a Czech bio Cider.

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The best place to fall in love with a raw meal. Especially perfect raw cakes. They are so profitable that you have something to do with one piece :). Wide selection of cakes and drinks. Beautiful, clean, cozy interior. The operator might be more helpful. Barbara, TripAdvisor

Excellent coffee, wonderful cakes and very nice service, great environment. I can only recommend. Petra, facebook

Opening hours

Mo – Fri:   9.00 – 21.00
Sa:             9.00 – 21.00
Su:            9.00 – 18.00