Mind Maze – Balbínova – Keyguru point

Mind Maze – Balbínova

Address: Balbínova 32, Prague 2, 12000

Map: MindMaze – Balbínova

Web: MindMaze – Balbínova

Do you wish sometimes to lock up your boss or colleagues? Close them in the escape rooms of MindMaze!

Time pressure, problem-solving, need for communication and collaboration – similar to the everyday challenges? But the environment is very different!

Enter as a group but exit the game as a team!

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Tripadvisor: Mind Maze

So far I’ve only tried Galactic Pioneers but it was seriously amazing! Very challenging and exciting and the ending… oh man the ending – I wish we had recorded us because I really felt like I was in a movie with each of my friends at a control station, it was so fun! Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed! Belinda, facebook

It was our first escape room and we loved it, Tereza our game master was friendly and helpful, really fun from the moment you walk in until you leave, best fun I had in a long time, in my next visit to Prague we will try another of the rooms. Marta, facebook

Opening hours

Mo-Su: 10:00 – 21:00